A LOCAL authority has received three new complaints about the conduct of elected representatives in the borough.

They are revealed in a report of Blackburn with Darwen Standards Committee, to be held on Wednesday night by monitoring officer Asad Laher.

His report says: “There have been three complaints submitted between June 1 and October 18, 2021.

“A complaint made by a member against another member following an altercation at a residents’ meeting.

“Although the member subsequently confirmed that he did not wish to pursue it further, there were issues that came to light from enquires made.

“The monitoring officer arranged a mediation meeting between the parties and resolved the matter informally.

“A complaint by a member of the public in relation to messages/comments posted on social media by a member.

“It is alleged that the messages/comments were sarcastic and unprofessional.

“Further information has been requested from the complainant before the complaint can be progressed.

“A complaint from a parish councillor in relation to a message posted on social media by a member, questioning the accuracy and truthfulness of the statements made.

“The monitoring officer is currently in the process of consulting with the independent person before an initial assessment can be made.

“The committee has a role in promoting and maintaining high standards in the conduct of council and parish/town councils business, and in the conduct of members, and may make appropriate recommendations in this regard.

“The committee also has a role in the provision of training, guidance and assistance for members in relation to the council’s code of conduct for members.

“The monitoring officer receives any submitted complaints and undertakes an initial assessment following consultation with the independent person.

“Not all complaints are continued for various reasons (unsubstantiated complaints, vexatious complaints, etc).

“However, it is important that the committee is made aware of receipt of these and legitimate complaints that are being processed and progressed.

“This would enable the committee to consider any particular issues that are highlighted and make appropriate recommendations to the council.”