Thousands of pounds of tax payers cash is being spent on luxuries such as tickets to football matches, National Trust passes and even tickets to theme parks.

Public money has also gone on holidays, buying garden furniture, trampolines and even Playstations. These are just a few of the luxuries that NHS Continuing Healthcare has forked out for so far.

These were all allowed under a scheme called “Personal Health Budgets” which allows around 200,000 patients in England to decide what care or equipment package would suit them best.

Whilst I agree that everyone’s care needs differ it beggars belief that health budgets should be forking out for holidays and tickets for football matches. Surely there should be tighter rules on spending at a time when millions of workers are facing a National Insurance hike in order to provide an extra £12billion for the NHS.

Naturally people with long term health conditions have our sympathy but surely spending a fortune on expensive luxuries like these is not the answer.

We all know the NHS is already on its knees and with the new health and social care levy taxpayers will not accept their hard earned money being wasted.

Most people will accept the National Insurance rise given the effects of Covid and the social care crisis but I am sure that support won’t last very long if vital funds are thrown around casually on luxuries like this.