A FAMILY have gone 'all out' with their Halloween decorations this year and are urging trick-or-treaters to visit.

May Holliday, her husband Kenny, and her children, of Lamlash Road, Blackburn, 'love' Halloween and want to make this year 'one to remember' after the Covid-19 pandemic made celebrations difficult in 2020.

Lancashire Telegraph:

She said: "We've gone all out this year and we've still not finished doing everything up, but they'll be ready by the weekend.

"We've got lots of sweets for the children and if anyone wants to stop by they're more than welcome to trick-or-treat and take pictures with the decorations.

"My daughter absolutely loves it and our neighbours' kids love it as well.

"We're looking forward to be able to go out trick-or-treating and then we'll head home and make sure we can be there to give sweets out to other children."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Mrs Holliday says she also goes all out with Christmas decorations and plans to make each event "bigger and better" every year.

She said: "I really enjoy doing it, so it makes sense to build on what we've got and put out more and more decorations each year."

With Halloween just days away and lots of families going the extra mile to create a 'scary' experience for kids, the Lancashire Telegraph are hoping to find East Lancashire's best Halloween house by asking for people to send in pictures of their decorations.