Lancashire is said to be home to ghoulish spirits and chilling ghost stories have come out of the region.

Whether you are a paranormal believer or not, some of the terrifying tales are enough to give you goosebumps whenever you walk alone down the county’s streets…

Using information from a paranormal project by Paul Lee and Paranormal Database, we have compiled a list  Lancashire’s most haunted locations and also included some information about the ghost stories which have come out of each areas

King George's Hall, Ewood, Blackburn

Many people believe that a man died in the hall’s organ room when one of the organ’s brass pipes fell on him, and a local paranormal team investigated in 2012 and reported seeing a man in a top hat whose face had been injured.

They also reported seeing ‘slum children’ running around the corridors and sitting down to watch the shows.

Accrington Cemetery, Burnley Road, Accrington

In 2013, witnesses who were visiting a grave said that a girl with brown hair and blue eyes vanished.

The Black Bull Inn, Old Langho Road, Blackburn

It is believed that the spectre of Cavalier, William Dutton, haunts this pub.

Legend says that he fell in love with a woman who worked behind  the  bar who already had a partner- so Dutton had him murdered.

There are reports of a ghost locking people in the cellar and moving items around.

Fox and Hounds, Ewood, Blackburn

It turns out that some ghosts just want to listen to Tina Turner in their afterlife.

In 1993, landlady Joan Harris and her daughter Jacqueline Gould, said one ghost would play Be Tender With Me Baby' by the American singer.

The ghost was also known to throw objects across the room and move ornaments on window sills.

Hoghton Tower, Preston

A staff member at the tower said: “Various volunteers and visitors have reported feeling or seeing presences.”

Heavy footsteps can be heard in an "inaccessible attic" and a dinnerplate moving of its own accord has been seen here.

It’s reputably haunted by a ‘Green Lady’ wearing a 16th century costume; she is often seen in the Minstrel's Gallery.

Samlesbury Hall, Samlesbury, Preston

A haunting ‘white lady’ has been seen in the corridors and grounds during the evening.

According to the stories, she meets a knight in the grounds and they proceed to their graves where they fade away wailing.

 a staff member felt a slap on the back of her head early one morning, and a visitor said that something bustled past her on the stairs.

St Anne's Church, Woodplumpton, Preston

Late 17th century local resident and witch Meg Shelton is said to be haunting this church.

Towneley Hall, Burnley

It is said that Sir John Towneley haunts this hall and grounds. Other people say a ‘white lady’ roams the halls and she has been spotted in the long gallery, looking out of the window.

Visitors also report hearing footsteps, whispering, feeling cold spots and seeing unexplained lights.

Wycoller Hall, Wycoller

‘Blood curling screams’ are said to come from the ghost of Squire Cuncliffe, who is said to ride on horseback onto the hall.

He isn’t the only phantom to haunt the hall- the ‘black lady’ has also been seen in the surrounding area – especially near Sally’s bridge.

Clitheroe Castle, Clitheroe

Several ‘spirits’ have been spotted here.

A man, woman, child and ‘white lady’ have been seen here. Most recently, a group of paranormal investigators claim to have captured a ghost on camera here.

The Swan and Royal Hotel, Clitheroe

This historic building dates back to 1786- and some spooky stories about the place have emerged.

Back in the 1800s, 17-year old Anne Druce discovered she was pregnant and was disowned by her family.

She went to the Swan and Royal hotel where she committed suicide.

People say they have seen Anne’s ghost  on the top floor. People also report that duvets are pulled of the beds, windows slap shut and toilets flush by themselves.

Guests in bedroom number five often struggle to sleep with the sound of a baby’s cry in their ears.

Browsholme Hall, Clitheroe

This hall is home to the legend of the ‘screaming skull’, which if removed can lead to supernatural consequences.

It is also reputedly home to a ghost horse which died when its owner tried to ride it up the stairs of the house as the result of a dare.

The animal is still said to be seen charging up the staircase.

Chorley Little Theatre, Dole Lane, Chorley

A dark figure has been seen on stage and other spectres include:  a Victorian woman with a child, an actress and a man wearing trilby.

One spirit has affectionately been called ‘Fred’ by staff.

Heskin Hall, Chorley

This dreamy venue is popular for weddings – but you might be sharing your big day with a ghoul.

A girl known as ‘Matilda’ is said to walk the hall. She was hung by a priest after she had converted to Protestantism.

Bygone Times, Eccleston, Chorley

You will go home with more than a bargain at this popular antiques store – as it is said to be haunted by more than 30 ghosts.

These include; a man in a 1920s suit; three phantoms in a cobbled alleyway; the ghost of Patrick Scott, rapping his stick; two children; a tall lady and a man both in Victorian clothing and more.

Rufford Old Hall, Rufford, Ormskirk

Elizabeth I is said to have been seen in the dining hall here; the second phantom is the "Grey Lady", said to be Elizabeth Hesketh.

Finally, an Elizabethan man has been seen near the fireplace in the Great Hall. He may the same phantom reported to have been seen floating above the canal at the rear of the building.

‘The Devil’s highway’ between Blackburn and Belmont

A video of a mysterious ‘ghost’ allegedly captured on a road going out of Blackburn went viral in 2015.

Lancashire Telegraph: The 'ghost' video went viral in 2015The 'ghost' video went viral in 2015

Two men filmed the alleged spectre from inside their car, and can be heard talking about the ghoulish figure as it approaches.

The ‘ghost’ is a slow-moving white figure with black hair.

Barnoldswick, near Rolls Royce's Bankfield factory

In 2004, around thirty witnesses claimed to have seen a silent, grey coloured aircraft resembling a Lancaster Bomber moving silently through the sky. The accounts were virtually all isolated and spanned the month.

Lytham Hall, Ballam Road, Lytham

The sound of "loud clumping footsteps" have been heard in the bedrooms of the here and there are reports of the clanking of chains too.

The spectre of Sir Cuthbert Clifton has been reporter here too.

Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool

Not all ghosts are dressed in Victorian clothes; some are skaters wearing black and white clothes.

The skater boy has been seen here late at night, running down the steps towards the ice where they became misty and vanished.

There are also reports of equipment moving by themselves, doors being found open despite having been closed with padlocks and staff have reported a temperature drop as they walked to the tractor bay.

Blackpool Zoo

Apparently, animals aren’t the only inhabitants of Blackpool Zoo…

Strange lights and noises have been reporter here.

People have also seen a phantom man in a boiler suit in the elephant house.

A monk-like man has also been spotted in Salisbury Woodland Garden, leading to the zoo.

One of the old hangers, used for storage, has had reports of a person being pushed and something pushing a pile of crates over.

Salisbury Woodland, Blackpool

Men in RAF uniform from WWII have been seen here.

Whispering, screeching noises and a monk carrying a burning torch have also been reported.

North Pier Theatre, North Pier Promenade, Blackpool

Ghost in the afterlife just want to be entertained as some have been spotted at this theatre in Blackpool.

A spectral man is sometimes seen walking along the back corridor near the toilets, a phantom poodle is seen close to the stage

Choose your seat carefully as a ghost lady becomes upset -  if people sit in her seat- she vibrates and shakes the base and makes banging noises.

Blackpool Tower, Blackpool

John Bickerstaffe, former mayor of Blackpool, has been seen in the building below the tower wearing his top hat.

A man has also been seen in the Tower Ballroom and he was seen walking through a locked door and on the dancefloor.

A spectral elderly couple have also been seen as they sit at a table and then get up to dance, before fading away.

The Grand Theatre, Church Street, Blackpool

A ghost nicknamed ‘Charlie’ has been seen here; he’s often spotted in the upper circle of the theatre.

People have reported whispering, a tap on the shoulder, a cold breeze and someone ruffling their hair.

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