An 84-year-old who had both her Covid jabs is being told there is no record of the second vaccination.

Former Police officer George Ragen, 85 accompanied his wife, Sylvia, who is 84, to have both their jabs in December 2020 and January this year. He says when they went to register to have the booster jab they were told the surgery had no record of the vaccination.

George told us: “I was there. I saw it happen myself. We both went to have vaccinations together.

“We both went to get our first Pfizer jab on 17 December and then went to get the second one on January 7.

“When we went to have the booster jab done in September we got told we have records of both my jabs and but no record of the second jab for Sylvia. We have been trying to sort this out for a while and nothing has happened.

“It is really frustrating and this has been going on for several weeks.

“They have dropped a real clanger here and nobody is taking responsibility for it.”

The government is urging the people to get a booster jab to help with longer-term protection against getting seriously ill from Covid.

Booster vaccines are available on the NHS for people most at risk from Covid who have had a second dose of a vaccine at least 6 months ago. Most people are being invited to book an appointment at a larger vaccination centre, pharmacy, or local NHS service such as a GP surgery.

The couple have nine children and 19 grandchildren.

Mr Ragen says they wanted to get the booster jab together ahead of the winter period. He got his in September but is concerned of the delay.

“They are crying out for us for us to get the booster jab and we are being delayed because they don’t have records of Sylvia’s second jab.

“At the time they said the computer went down. But seems to be working for me when I was there at the same time?”

George and Sylvia attend, The Weavers Practice in Great Harwood. We contacted the clinic but have yet to receive a response.