After a rainy, cold and windy week in the Lancashire, the weekend should bring some relief. 

While it won't be especially warm, it won't be especially wet either.


Here are the weather forecast highlights for Saturday and Sunday to help you plan your weekend fun. 


Saturday sees highs of 13 degrees with a 10 percent chance of rain throughout the day.

It will be less windy too, with gusts reaching around 24mph in the morning and early afternoon.


The hottest day of the weekend is forecast to be Sun-day with highs of 14 degrees.

There will be some rain in the morning, but the Met has said there could be some sun around 4pm - so save your weekend walk for the afternoon.

Next week

It will remain breezy next week and light outbreaks of rain will appear throughout the week.

There could be some strong gale force winds next week as the weather comes across the Atlantic, but there will be some dry spells.