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The countdown to Christmas is around the corner, and what could be better to mark the occasion than with a toy-filled children’s advent calendar.

Consumer champion Which? has rounded up the best kids' advent calendars so that you don’t have to!

Whether you like to splash the cash on a calendar, or like a cheaper treat for children, Which? has used researchers to put each product to the test and put together a list of its favourites.

The top three kids’ advent calendars according to Which?

Playmobil Pirate Island Advent Calendar - £18.29 

Lancashire Telegraph: Playmobil Pirate Island (Playmobil) Playmobil Pirate Island (Playmobil)

Playmobil is a kids' classic, and it is no surprise that this topped the list. 

It might not be Christmas-themed but it is full of Playmobile pirate toys and a cardboard cut-out backdrop that children can use with their toys. 

The panel said that they would buy this for their children but also be happy to receive it themselves!

Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar - £19.99

These gifts are perfect for any Barbie-lover, with accessories and clothes that can be added to any Barbie collection. 

It's good value as a Barbie on its own costs around £10, so 24 pieces for under £20 makes for a real bargain. 

Lego City Advent Calendar - £19.99

Small festive toys are behind each window and they take just 5 minutes to put together.

Although not ideal for smaller children, this is sure to provide all the festive fun over the Christmas period.

Other calendars that made the list

Lego Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar - £24.99

These Lego gifts are perfect for any collector and can be added to existing sets. 

The toys are perfect for any Marvel fans with eight characters included and some other surprises behind the windows. 

Playmobil Christmas Grotto Advent Calendar - £14.97

Lancashire Telegraph: Playmobil Christmas Grotto (Playmobil) Playmobil Christmas Grotto (Playmobil)

This calendar is better for younger children and provides all the festive fun for the 24-day countdown. 

Haynes Retro Electronic Games Advent Calendar - £25

This calendar is best for older kids, with some nostalgic games fun for both adults and children!

Each window contains kit that will help to build a circuit, perfect for any science-buffs out there.