CUSTOMERS are getting a taste of traditional Hungarian street food thanks to a new stall at Blackburn Market.

Budapest Lángos is run by husband and wife team Nandor and Agota Nagy, who first set up in Darwen Market last year before moving on to Blackburn this summer.

The stall offers a range of Hungarian delicacies including lángos, a deep-fried sourdough dish, Hungarian pancakes, or palacsinta, with traditional fillings all of which has already proven to be a big hit with Blackburn customers.

Agota said: “The market is very busy and people are getting to know our food more and more.”

She added: “There are more and more British people who try it and they keep coming back because they enjoy it.”

The couple decided to move from Darwen to Blackburn in the summer in search of a bigger base of customers and the chance to expand their business.

They came to the UK together the year before last, settling in the borough due to Mrs Nagy’s job with Perspex.

Fortunately for them, Blackburn with Darwen Council were happy to facilitate their move between the two markets.

So far, they have been thrilled by how much busier their new venue has proven to be and have taken steps to attract the biggest possible range of customers.

Many of the stalls products are prepared fresh every day, while the Nagys have also tried various experiments to help cater to their adopted home town’s tastes.

Mrs Nagy said: “We have invented a few new toppings to make our food more attractive to British people and we have vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat.”

More traditional lángos meanwhile will be served with salt, garlic, sour cream or grated cheese, while palacsinta will come with cottage cheese, vanilla sugar and lemon peel.

Just as was the case with their Darwen stall, caring for the environment is important for the Nagys and and they are hoping to maintain a sustainable, plastic-free stall and as such all utensils and cutlery will be made from paper.

To find out more, visit Budapest Lángos’ Facebook page.