WE featured a story about the first films of rubbish dumpers have been uploaded to a borough’s new digital fly-tipping 'Wall of Shame'.

Blackburn with Darwen Council were wanting residents to help identify the culprits.

However, it prompted some reaction from our readers.

Common sense and logic said: "The judicial system has the answer to this epidemic of fly tipping. When these culprits are identified then serve them with a severe fine. The guidelines allow fines in the tens of thousands of pounds but the judges and magistrates keep issuing a few hundred pounds. This results in no deterrent. "

Truth will out said: "The reason for fly-tipping is the same for any anti-social behaviour. The people doing it aren’t bothered and they don’t fear any consequence. What we need to do is provide that consequence that is currently missing. Make the fine big enough so that they think twice. They’ll only listen with a fine that’s in the thousands (plural)."

Mr John Doe said: "Caught fly tipping. £35k fine straight away. That won't stop them right away but once the first is in court and actually fined £35k it will stop most. Don't have £35k? Take whatever they have and have them work in jail to pay the rest off."

Justaperson said: "These people are most likely being paid to remove this rubbish."