A mother has spoke of her pride after her five-year-old son has landed a role on a national television advert.

Jade Farrar, from Colne, spoke how she and her son Hector Byker travelled down to London at the start of this month to shoot the commercial which will air in November and December.

The mother-of-two, who is not allowed to reveal any details about the ad campaign until it airs, said: “I’m so extremely proud. We were surprised and we were hopeful but we just don’t believe it until they get confirmed.

“Over the past two months he got so close but never confirmed.

“I am just over the moon.”

Hector had a number of other calls since he signed up for the Little Allstars agency in Manchester alongside his sister Lacey Byker, 11, earlier this year.

Jade organised a photography session for Hector in March and said the photographer told her he was a natural and that his personality shone through in pictures.

After posting the photos on a casting website the family received a number of calls for parts for Hector, including one opportunity for a part in a film, however he would always fall at the final hurdle.

When they got an email saying that Hector was in the running for the TV advert, Jade didn’t keep her hopes up but she later was told that he was pencilled in and that they needed to attend an face-to-face audition in London.

The family were told that they would get the news the day after the audition and by 5pm, Jade assumed that someone had beat him to the part but they suddenly got an email from their agent saying that Hector was successful.

The Christmas advert was filmed earlier this month and will be premiered in November and December.

Jade’s daughter Lacey has featured in a charity music video and has modelled for Mama’s and Papa’s and for Nutmeg clothing by Morrisons.