An East Lancashire tattoo studio is hosting its very own ‘Squid Game’-inspired event with the lucky winner bagging a free tattoo.

Iron Hotel Tattoo Studio in Haslingden has been inspired by the hit Netflix show and is planning to replicate some of the games featured in the television show.

The event, which takes place on 30 October, will be free to enter and the overall winner of the games will have the chance to win a free palm size tattoo of any style which will be created by one of the studio’s artists.

Laura Hamilton, who works at the studio, said: “We’ve been opening up the shop on a Friday evening and we decided that we were going to do something on Halloween weekend.

“Squid Game came around and it was so popular and we thought ‘why don’t we do something around that?’

“We want everybody to get together, come down and have fun.”

The massively popular dystopian Korean drama, written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, follows desperate people who are invited to take part in a mystery game for a massive sum of money.

However, the consequences of losing are deadly and contestants are killed if they lose any of the games.

In its first 28 days on Netflix, Squid Game was watched by 111 million users, the company said.

Thankfully, the stakes aren’t quite so high for the East Lancashire tattoo studio’s event and there won’t be any violent repercussions from losing this game.

Laura added: “Obviously there are a couple of games we won’t be able to do and there won’t be any violence whatsoever.”

However, there will be a non-deadly forfeit for losing a game which will be kept a surprise until closer to the time.

Laura said ‘red light, green light’, ‘tug of war’ and ‘marbles’ are some of the games that will be going ahead, adding that the team will be “brainstorming” some more over the next few weeks.

How to take part

The event will be held at 9pm on 30 October and you if you are interested you can message the tattoo studio’s Facebook page for more information.

The event is free to enter – but a refundable deposit could be requested if the event becomes popular as the weeks progress.

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