A repeat offender who was charged with targeting numerous businesses in East Lancashire has once again appeared before the courts after he was re-arrested while out on bail.

In May, police in Rossendale arrested Lee Quinn on suspicion of burgling a shop in Bacup.

Quinn was charged with the offence but was released on bail pending trial.

In September, while out on bail, Quinn was arrested again for another burglary offence.

And then on Wednesday last week, Quinn was once again arrested on suspicion of a house burglary.

He was charged on Thursday morning and was due to appear before magistrates that same day.

A spokesperson for the police said on Thursday: "Back in May, Rossendale’s rural taskforce arrested a local man for burgling a shop in Bacup.

"He was charged with this offence but despite their efforts asking the court to remand him into custody, he was released on bail.

"In September, the rural taskforce updated you that they had arrested the same local man for burgling someone’s home in Bacup.

"Enquires continued and some stolen property with sentimental value was recovered and returned to the owner.

"Then with support from our division’s target team, he was re-arrested yesterday morning for this and another house burglary.

"The target team worked throughout yesterday and all through the night finishing this morning.

"Quinn, 29, from Bacup, was charged with burgling two homes in Bacup and was remanded to appear in court on Thursday morning.

"Given the fact that these further offences were committed while on court bail, the target team asked the court to remand him in prison pending his court trial, this so that he has no opportunity to commit further crime in Rossendale."