New data has uncovered the UK’s most common ghost sightings – and the type of ghosts most commonly reported in the north west.

Car maintenance brand, Simoniz, reviewed records of paranormal activity in every region and created an index of numbed of haunted happenings in each area.

They also noted the types of paranormal activity and ghosts spotted in every area to reveal the most common ghost sightings.

From creepy ladies locked in towers to columns of Roman soldiers marching endlessly through the gloomy countryside – the UK’s ghosts are a varied bunch.

While female apparitions are most common across the UK as a whole, it turns out dogs and grey lady figures are the most spotted ghost in the North West.

Where have grey lady spirits been reported in the North West?

Grey ladies have been reported in several places and historic monuments in the North West – but where exactly?

Here are some paranormal ‘grey lady’ sightings which have been reported over the years:

Back in 2000 The Old Cobblers Inn in Rawtenstall claimed to be haunted by a grey lady.

At the time, the owners said: “I've never seen or heard the Grey Lady but from what I understand she is very pleasant so even our ghost is friendly.

"When we first arrived we were warned about her but we put all our energies into making this into a family pub.”

There have also been reports of a tall and slim grey lady appearing at Railway Inn in Rossendale; namely the basement and bedrooms.

The same goes for the Grand Theatre in Blackpool where the ghostly grey figure of Sarah Siddon is said to watch new performances.

Astley Hospital, on Ley Road in Astley, is also said to be haunted by the spirit of a grey lady.

In the Manchester suburb of Wythenshawe, locals are warned to ‘watch out for the grey lady’ who is said to haunt a patch of land near Brownley Green Methodist Church.

She is said to appear wearing a a heavy dress that makes a quiet rustling sound. 

Smithills Hall in Bolton has its very own resident ghostly grey lady who has made several appearances in the past four years.

Hall i’ th’ Wood, a museum in Bolton, has a long history of spooky goings on.

Visitors have reported report sightings of a peculiar white mist, a grey lady, strange lights, the sound of footsteps made by unseen feet and doors slamming of their own volition.

People have also claimed to see a grey lady stalking Irton Hall in Cumbria. As the story goes, the lady was locked in the tower where she starved to death.

Levens Hall, near Kendal in Cumbria,  is also said to be haunted by a similar apparition. According to the story, a woman put a curse on the hall after the owners turned her away.

You can view the full study and findings on the company website