A motorist says he was ‘ignored’ by police officers after breaking down on busy stretch of road.

The driver of a classic Capri says he broke down on hatch markings as the M55 joins on to the M6 junction on Sunday (October 3). He called the AA and was told the police should also be able to assist in making sure he was safe.

Dashcam images show two police cars driving past on the motorway. The pictures were taken by family members who had been following him in a Tesla which records everything on an inbuilt camera.

The driver, Robert Clarke told us: “The road was busy and there was quite a lot of traffic.

“I was broken down in precarious spot. There was live traffic on both sides so there was nowhere to push the vehicle to the side.

“The car just stopped. I like to drive classic cars and the Capri is one of them."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Dashcam footage shows Mr Clarke parked on the motorway

He added: “Twice not once did police cars drive past. I was under the impression that they have to stop for a motorist who has broken down. At least stop and find out if we need any assistance.

“Thankfully we were being followed by a family member in a car. In the dashcam you can clearly see the vehicles drive past.”

Mr Clarke said he had lodged a complaint and received a letter confirming his query is being investigated.

He said after 30 minutes of being stuck in what he felt was a dangerous area he managed to re-start the car itself, "The car restarted and we managed to move away from the spot."

Lancashire Constabulary were contacted for comment.