Is anyone else feeling… well, a little worried?

I thought that a couple of weeks away from the pressures of the Premier League and the great big black cloud that’s looming over the early part of our season would make me feel better, and ultimately grant me some clarity.

But it hasn’t. And the impact of that very uninspiring 0-0 draw at home to a very poor Norwich side is a heavy dose of reality.

Seven games in and just three draws on the board. Sure, it took us 8 games last year to notch up our first win, and at the same stage last year we only had 2 points locked up, but this season feels different to me.

Last year we could comfortably rely on there being at least 3 worse teams than us. This season, right now at least, I fear we are one of those worse teams.

We still have a long way to go of course and none of us know where we will finish come May 2022. I keep hearing people talking of “in Dyche we trust” (which we do) or “it has worked for the past 5 seasons so it will work for this one” but, to me, that is part of the problem. What we have always used and relied upon for survival is no longer working.

Teams and managers have figured us out and have implemented ways to beat us. We don't seem to have a Plan B and if we just carry on like we always have done then we won’t survive.

We have always been a team of hard work, graft, discipline and commitment and I remain immensely proud of that. But what I want to see more of is a bit of swagger. An attitude that we belong where we are and that we can compete with the best in this league.

The introduction of Maxwell Cornet may well be just the level of swagger we need. He plays with a smile on his face. He loves being on the pitch. He has adopted the club and its fans as his own. Seriously, just give him the ball and let him deploy his magic.

Perhaps an away tie to City is the worst fixture to come at us right now. Or perhaps this is just the game we need. Because we can and should go to the Eithad with no fear. No pressure. With our heads held high and a swagger in our step.

Just give the ball to Maxwell. And let him do what he does against City!