Householders have urged people to stop dumping bin bags and other rubbish next to street bins.

This was the scene on Wensley Road, Blackburn this morning (October 13) where people have been discarding their rubbish alongside a bin. Further down the road on Oakenhurst Road another bin is overflowing with bin bags placed alongside it.

This despite the road being within walking distance from a recycling centre based on George Street West. 

One resident who lives near by said: “What is wrong with people? The bin is full and there is no more room for rubbish. You can see nothing else is going to fit inside the bin but some people are trying to stuff another bag inside. This is disgusting stop doing this.

“This has been like this for several days and it has not been emptied. Rather than see there is a problem other people are walking past and are dumping more rubbish next to the bin.

“I don’t blame the council they can only do so much.

“A street bin is not a place to dump all your household rubbish. Put it in your own bin at home.

"It is the same on Whalley Banks. People use street bins for their own hosuhold rubbish."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Yards away an alleyway at the bottom of Oozehead Lane (above) was also becoming a fly-tipping spot with household furniture and other rubbish being dumped on the spot.

The resident added: “There is a recycling centre just down the road. You can walk there.”

The household waste recycling centres in Blackburn and Darwen is now back to normal operating hours but residents need to show proof of address.

The Council says it cannot remove fly tipping that has been dumped on privately maintained land however we can investigate this to try and identify the producer. 

It is not essential to provide an official statement when reporting fly-tipping but a statement is very useful when prosecuting, according to the Council website.

You can report fly-tipping here