Blackburn’s AJ Odudu, has partnered with John Lewis for an outfit challenge which sees her race against time.

In a YouTube video, the presenter and Strictly Come Dancing contestant becomes a personal stylist to a pair of friends who are planning a brunch date.

Fiona is surprising her friend ,Delina, who has no idea that AJ is creating their outfits ahead of a girly weekend.  

Lancashire Telegraph: Delina and Fiona are heading to John Lewis to be dressed by AJ (Photo: YouTube/John Lewis)Delina and Fiona are heading to John Lewis to be dressed by AJ (Photo: YouTube/John Lewis)

However, AJ is against the clock and has to put the outfits together before the end of their taxi ride.

"My own style is bold bright and fun," says AJ, who faced the challenge of picking out something that looks great, but not too dressy and that can also be layered up to combat the autumn chill. 

AJ has an earpiece in and can hear the friends discussing their dream outfits while en route.

In the taxi, Delina says: “The million dollar question is – what are we wearing?

“I want to look great but not too dressy,” Fiona says.

“But I don’t want to be too cold either – it’s so hard to get the layers right.”

Back in the shop, AJ exclaims: “I know just the thing - follow me!”

In the video, AJ can be seen dashing around the John Lewis store in an attempt to throw two outfits together in less than 30 minutes.

Lancashire Telegraph: AJ Odudu in the John Lewis shoe section (Photo: YouTube/John Lewis)AJ Odudu in the John Lewis shoe section (Photo: YouTube/John Lewis)

The former St Bede's RC High School student, exclaims: “Oh a winner,” as she stumbles upon a leather jacket.

“Shoes glorious shoes,” AJ sings as she heads over to the store’s shoe department.

She also heads to the makeup department where she finds three different shades of lipstick which she describes as a “triple threat”.

At the end of the taxi ride, Fiona lets Delina in on her stylish surprise.

33-year-old AJ says to Delina: “Surprise! It’s good to see you - what a friend, hey? What a mate.

“I’ve picked out a load of amazing pieces for you so let’s try them on!”

Lancashire Telegraph: Delina and Fiona's finished outfits (Photo: YouTube/John Lewis)Delina and Fiona's finished outfits (Photo: YouTube/John Lewis)

The outfits are then revealed and they each list their favourite items.

“It’s all 10/10,” says AJ. “I’m so glad you enjoyed your day!”

“I wish I could join you for brunch but I can’t – so enjoy it in style.”

You can watch the full video over on the John Lewis YouTube channel.

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