POLICE patrolling a town centre are now equipped with free personal alarms and anti-drink spiking kits.

Visitors to Burnley's main shopping and leisure area can ask officers for one of the devices.

It is aimed at making people feel safer when out and about.

Burnley Business Improvement District (BID) has purchased 500 anti-spiking kits and 500 personal alarms which the police officers will carry when patrolling Burnley town centre.

The purpose of the anti-spiking kits is to prevent pills and illicit substances being slipped into drinks.

The personal alarms can be used to create a distraction or draw the attention of others by emitting a loud siren noise coupled with emergency lighting.

Burnley BID Project Manager Andrew Dean said: “We want everybody who comes into Burnley to feel safe and at ease and to ultimately have a great time.

“That’s why we’ve worked together with Lancashire Police to help people access that extra layer of security and peace of mind.”

Town centre PC Paul Marsden said: “I would urge anyone in Burnley to approach me or a member of our team if they would like to know more about the kits or alarms and pick one up.”