A sports bar in East Lancashire will be closing down at the end of the month – but they are planning to “go out with a bang” by serving £1 drinks and hosting an impressive party .

Simon Smith, owner of Revival Sports Bar in Rawtenstall, said the announcement of their closure came quite suddenly.

He said he was “disappointed” to hear that that building was being sold and developed into apartments.

Mr Smith, who also runs The Railway Tavern on Bury Road, explained: “We thought we would last until after Christmas – but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

“I’m a little bit upset for my staff.

“Some of the staff have been with me since day one and we haven’t been able to get them through the Christmas period or even give them some more notice”.

Simon also explained that he is “disappointed” at Rossendale Council and feels let down by them.

He said: “We have had a hard time from the council – they have never let up on us from the day we reopened.

“Instead of working with us, we feel like they have always been working against us – which seems really daft.”

He believes that more should be done to improve nightlife in Rawtenstall and encourage the younger generation to stay in the town.

Simon explained: “It’s disappointing because [the council] don’t seem to want to cater for the younger generation.

“That was made clear to me in a number of meetings with the council along the way.

“What these people don’t seem to realise is how much nightclubs and bars keep the town centre thriving.

“People will stay in Rawtenstall town centre instead of heading to somewhere else, like Burnley.”

However, Simon wants to put his disappointment aside and make the last few weeks of the venue memorable.

He added that they are planning to go out “with a bang” by hosting a closing-down party and selling drinks for a bargain price.

Every Friday and Saturday until closing, the bar will be selling ALL drinks for £1 between 9pm-11pm.

Drinks are limited to two  per round – but you can come back to the bar as many times as you like.

Simon explained: “The aim isn’t to get everyone drunk and be irresponsible with their drink – which is why we are only running it for two hours.

“For some people, they have visited us every weekend religiously.

“A lot of people think it’s to get rid of old stock – it really is just a thank you to a lot of our regulars who have stuck with us over the years.”

They are also encouraging customers to come to their grand finale, a Halloween closing party, which they have “put a lot of effort into”.

There will be prizes for the best dressed, games to play and old school music played by a host of DJs.

Fire breathers and dancers, are also expected to perform at the Halloween extravaganza, which will take place on 30 October. 

A spokesperson for Rossendale Council said: "There has been a proposed development by Hurstwood Holdings to convert the site to apartments since at least January 2021.

"The building occupied by Revival is part of that development and has always been subject to a short term lease as a result of the proposed redevelopment.

"The council have always worked with Revival to ensure safety and compliance with all relevant legislation, as we do with all businesses. 

"The council want to see every businesses in the valley succeed and recognise the part a thriving nightlife plays in this, but this has always to be balanced with the needs of residents and compliance with regulations."

Tickets are available on Skiddle or from Revival Club; they cost £10 each.

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