PARENTS who have ‘no interest in what their children are up to at night’ have been slammed by a police officer.

In recent days, officers in Bacup had reason to speak with a boy after he was seen kicking litter down the main road of the town centre.

While dealing with him, a female friend ‘decided it was her time to do the same’ and dropped litter right next to the patrol car.

She then refused to comply with the officer’s request to collect the litter so she was put in the car and taken home to her parents – who were less than sympathetic with police.

A spokesman said: “Today I had more cause to deal with anti-social behaviour from youths in Bacup. Because of what has occurred I have decided to write this post aimed at parents that seem to have no interest in what their children get up to at night.

“One 13 or 14 year-old boy was spoken to regarding kicking litter he had just dropped into the main road of the town centre. On rectifying his behaviour, his female pal decided it was her turn to ignore what I had just said and do the same at the driver’s door of the police vehicle purely for the purpose of petulance.

“My request to her to pick it was refused and as such she was detained and restrained by me and returned to her mother.

“What staggered me was the lack of support from adults, who without knowing the circumstances decide it is appropriate to scream that 'we can’t take hold of children' and that we can't 'manhandle' them.

“I wish to make this clear, as police officers, we can take hold of you, we can detain you for public order offences resulting from your behaviour and we can use reasonable force to do our duty.

“The hard-working people have had enough damage to property, egged cars and verbal abuse. Parents please know where your children are at night.”