A woman cut open an aubergine to reveal the name ‘Allah’ written in Arabic.

Irshad Begum was at home in Blackburn and noticed something that caught her eye whilst cutting an aubergine.

The pattern in the middle resembled the words ‘Allah’ written in Arabic.

Her daughter Noreen Hameed said: “I went to my mum's house and my mum showed me this vegetable printed clearly with Allah's name.

“My mum was so excited and we both thanked Allah for this miracle. There are so many miracles we witness everyday and we remember that His signs are everywhere. My mum is so blessed MashaAllah.”

This is not the first time that such an incident has been shared by excited readers.

In the past the words ‘Allah’ or ‘Muhammad’ have been seen on tree branches, fishes and in cloud formations.

Whilst for some people these incidents are mere coincidence for others it helps to reinforce their faith.