Dams have been installed to try and isolate the leak in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Engineers have been working to repair damage and restore water levels where the canal was breached in the early hours of Monday morning (October 11), between Rishton and Church.

The section lost a significant amount of water, with part of the canal nearly entirely drained of water.

Footage has also shown a huge hole in the canal bank with water flooding through to the Hyndburn Brook.

Drone footage of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Video credit: Kieran Bartlett

A fish rescue was also carried out in the drained areas and area leading to the Hyndburn Brook.

A closure will remain in place between New Barn Bridge and Foxhill Bank Bridge while repairs continue to take place.

On Monday, the Barrowford Locks, Blackburn Locks, Johnsons Hillocks and Wigan Flight were all closed to try to conserve water.

The reason behind the breach remains unclear and the Canal and Rivers Trust are continuing to work to diagnose the issue and give a prognosis for the full extent of the repair work required.

A spokesperson for the Canal and Rivers Trust said: "The dams have been successfully installed on site to isolate the breach between bridge 109, New Barn Bridge and bridge 110, Aspen Bridge, Rishton on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Drone footage of the breach at the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Video credit: Kieran Bartlett

"We have worked with fishery management specialists to carry out a fish rescue from the isolated de-watered section of the canal and the immediate flood area on the route to Hyndburn Brook.

"We continue to gather information and plan the pumping route to be able to keep the water flow running along to the lower sections of the canal and hope to have this installed by next week.

"To keep a safe working environment, the towpath closure will extend from Bridge 109 to Bridge 111, Foxhill Bank Bridge.

"Our teams continue to investigate the cause of the breach and determine a method of repair. Following these investigations, we will be in a better position to provide the timescales of repair.

"Our teams are working together to utilise the water resources we have to be able to manage the levels along the canal and whilst water levels are taking a little longer to recover on the Blackburn side, we are pleased to see the water levels towards Burney returning to normal operating levels."