A call has gone out to find the relatives of World War two heroes in Nelson.

A plaque commemorating members of the Nelson Co-operative and Industrial Society has been found during a garage clear out.

The plaque lists the names R Heywood, J Metcalfe, E Prichard, F Starkie, JW Wilmore and A Woods and says it was ‘Erected to the memory of those employees of the Nelson Co-operative and Industrial Society Limited who made the ultimate sacrifice’.

The organisation was believed to be based on Cross Street in Nelson.

A local Armed Forces Support Group said such plaques were part of the town’s history and should be preserved for future generations to see.

Robert Clarke said he came across the plaque whilst clearing out a garage in Brierfield.

The elderly gentleman who owned the garage said he had picked up the plaque many years ago but could not remember how and where he got it.

Robert said: “We were helping to clear out this gentleman’s garage and we came across this large plaque which is still in very good condition. It was going into a skip.

“We asked the owner where he got it and he could not remember and is happy for us to try and find a suitable home for it. We do think it has some real sentimental value and as it lists war heroes whose sacrifices should never be forgotten.

“I would like to see it either returned to one of the family members or placed somewhere the men can be remembered.”

Robert said: “It may have been taken down due to some building work being undertaken at the time and then found its way here.”

Robert says he has been looking to research into the background of the people listed on the plaque and found that back in 2014 a family member of Frank Starkie was asking about his service records a WW2 forum. Robert added:

“It would be wonderful if we could find a place in the borough to hang this up or for some family members to get in touch.”

Mike Sutcliff from the Pendle Armed Forces Support Group told us that at the end of World War One many organisations had plaques made for former members who had died sadly. He also revealed the organisation was already looking at three other types of plaques found recently.

He said: “In some case you can find the same name on more than one plaque, because the individual worked at one place and worshipped at another.

“You can sometimes try to cross check the name on the plaque by the names on our local cenotaphs. Sometimes there are no records of the individual on any of the cenotaphs, or they appear on two or more of them.

“In fact, we have a relative new one in Nelson, where we add about five names every time we refurbish it. Even after 100 years, we still try to honour these people.

“What that clearly tells us there was and still is a little mystery and many stories to be told. This is our history and going to the scrap yard is not an option.

“The Heritage Centre based in Barrowford is supposed to be the custodian of things like this for Pendle, so until we can find a home where we can hang a number of the Heritage Centre should store them.

“They don't take up a lot of room, and that's the destination for the three my team at Armed Forces Support Group, have rescued.”

If you recognise any names and want to speak to Robert you can call 01282 860234.