A Great Harwood woman who has lived through the Spanish Flu has celebrated her 105th birthday.

Edna Walmsley was born Edna Dobson in 1916 in Great Harwood and has lived most of her life in the area.

She was married at St Bartholomew's Church to Clifford Walmsley and turned 105 years old on Saturday 9 October.

Edna lived her whole life in Great Harwood, lately with the support of her family until 2020 when she moved to Pendle Brook Care Home in Oswaldtwistle.

Edna has lived through two World Wars, the 1919 flu pandemic and most recently the 2020/21 Covid pandemic. Edna worked as a school cook while bringing up three children, Alyson, Adrienne and Andrew.

She has three grandsons, Stephen, Nicholas and Christopher and four great grandchildren, Freddie, Alice, Jack and Finn.

Edna celebrated her special birthday at Pendle Brook Care Home with afternoon tea where she opened her cards and presents and received a telegram from HM Queen Elizabeth II. She also enjoyed a party tea and a birthday cake.

A spokesman for the care home said: “Her passion has always been for reading, especially for poetry, reflecting an enduring love for language. Another passionate interest has been cooking and baking, making the most delicious cakes well into her 90s.

“Yoga was also something she enjoyed well into her late 90s. She has enjoyed travelling too, both in this country and worldwide visiting Vienna and Dusseldorf following her first foreign experience, travelling by herself to India.

“She still has a keen eye and sense of humour. She is a truly remarkable person who is dearly loved by her family and friends.”

Claire Rothwell, activity co-ordinator said: "Edna is an absolute pleasure to be with. She has an amazing long-term memory is able to recite word for word, poetry which she learnt as a child.

"It has been an honour to share Edna’s 105th birthday with her and see the pleasure she got from the cards and gifts she received. She can’t quite believe she is 105 and attributes it to good living, healthy eating and a wonderful upbringing by her parents."