Two youths purchased flowers and apologised to a household after throwing bottles and food at their house.

Rossendale police received a report last night (October 11) about youths throwing bottles and waste food at a house in Bacup.

When officers arrived, the youths had made off however they were able to track them down.

After what the police said was a “friendly” chat with the pair, explaining that anti-social behaviour was unacceptable, the youths bought a bunch of flowers and apologised to the occupants.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Tonight a report was received of youths throwing bottles and waste food at a house in the Bacup area.

“On attending, those responsible had already hot foot from the area as is so often the case.

“Fortunately, with a little bit of tenacity and a whole lot of luck, those responsible were tracked down.

“After a long "friendly" chat, those responsible hopefully understood that anti-social behaviour is not a game and it’s time for some of the youths in Bacup to grow up and take responsibility for their actions.

“The two youths involved purchased flowers for the occupant of the house and gave a face to face apology.”