Tyson Fury has retained his title as WBC heavyweight champion after going toe to toe with Deontay Wilder on Saturday night (9 October) – and Lancashire got a special shout-out in his victory speech.

The highly-anticipated rematch lasted 11 rounds, leading to Wilder’s knockout.

In a post-fight interview, Fury, who lives in Morecambe, serenaded the crowd with his own version of Marc Cohn’s Walking in Memphis.

At the end of the song, The Gypsy King chanted about the county he lives in when he started to sing: “Lancaster, La, La, La. Lancashire, La, La, La”.

Boxing fans were quick to comment on the boxer’s singing voice with many Lancastrians excited that he acknowledged their home town.

One person wrote:  “This bloke can sing.”

Another said: “Lancashire, la, la, la! It's not a Tyson Fury victory until he serenades us.”

“Singing ‘Lancashire la, la, la’ sums him up for me. He should be up with any top legends in sport.”

“Love when he shouted Lancashire at the end,” wrote another. “Always represented us with pride.”

Although he was born in Manchester, Fury moved to the coastal town on Morecambe around 13 years ago.

Speaking to Gary Neville in a YouTube video for The Overlap, the 33-year-old revealed his nickname for Morecambe and revealed exactly why it is one of his favourite places.

He said: “I call it Alcatraz because if you go that way you hit water,” he said pointing at the ocean

“You’ve got to drive an hour to Manchester and an hour to Liverpool

“It’s the last point of civilization for me and I need that.”



He added: “I can’t be in a place that’s thriving every day and there’s so much to do. I like to be in a place where there’s nothing much to do. Just train, eat, sleep, repeat.”

Fury went on to explain that he thought he would move back to Manchester one day but added his family is “deeply rooted” in the coastal town now.

You can catch-up with the boxing match via BT Sport.