A TEENAGE soap sensation has taken to social media to post a string of loved up messages about his model girlfriend.

Alex Bain, who plays teenage delinquent Simon Barlow on Coronation Street, was reacting to an Instagram post from 18-year-old Mollie Lockwood, who he is believed to have been dating since October 2019.

Lockwood - a talent in her own right and signed to the same agency as Bain - posted four selfies on the social media platform and revealed her "love" for the "cosy" off-white jumper she was sporting.


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Unable to contain his infatuation, Bain, 19 and from Blackburn, commented beneath the deadpan poses: "Absolutely stunning! Those eyes are just incredible boo! I love you so much!"

Minutes later, he took to his own Instagram stories to share her post with his near 20,000 followers and continued to exude his adoration for the strawberry-blonde.

He wrote underneath the picture, intertwined with a stream of heart and 'world' emojis: "She's so stunning! I'm so lucky to call you mine! Go show her some love guys!"

Lancashire Telegraph: STUNNING: Bain wants everyone to know just how much he loves LockwoodSTUNNING: Bain wants everyone to know just how much he loves Lockwood

Sweet nothings are commonplace on Bain's Instagram account since his courtship with Lockwood began two years ago. They recently packed on the PDA in a Chester nightclub while celebrating her 18th birthday.

While all seems sweet between the lovestruck teens, Bain's personal life has not always been plain-sailing.

He recently revealed that he had become the subject of vile online trolling after the birth of his first child, Lydia Rose, with ex-girlfriend Levi Selby aged 17.

He told a national newspaper that the trolls had targeted him and cruelly suggested that he was a 'bad parent' to his daughter.

He said: "If I didn’t stick at the job that I’m in now I would have been lost. Corrie has kept me going and especially having a daughter has kept me going – it gives me something to do.

"My family have been great and have always looked after me. They just said: 'you go in your own your lane, don't listen to what people say, because they're the people who are jealous of what you've got.'

"It has been a struggle over the years, but I think now I’m on the up."

Bain went to Griffin Park Primary School before making his on-screen debut on the cobbles in 2008.

He has recently teased a new business endeavour, announcing that he is now the CEO and founder of Mjöllnir Productions Ltd - though few details have been given up to now.