BBC’s BAFTA award-winning Ambulance continued this week and saw Lancashire paramedics taking on a nightmare situation involving a baby who the parent believed had stopped breathing.

The hugely popular show follows North West Ambulance crews from Blackpool, Burnley and Blackburn as they save lives and show viewers what it is really like to be a paramedic.

In one harrowing part of the episode, a mother is forced to face her worst nightmare when she calls 999 to report that her baby, Freddie, has stopped breathing.

On the episode, mum, Carly, can be heard sobbing to operators as she is told how to perform CPR on the infant.



Dec, Nicole and other paramedics are informed about the incident and rush straight to the scene.

Dec says to his colleague: “If we are first on scene you run in and start CPR whilst I get kitted up. If we are second on scene you run in and see what kit we need.

“You can’t help but relate it to your own family.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Baby Freddie was struggling to breathe (Photo: BBC)Baby Freddie was struggling to breathe (Photo: BBC)

Paramedics said the baby might have had a fit which lead to the vomiting and breathing issues – but after some medical attention the infant came back around and the colour started to return to his face.

A paramedic said: “I think what’s probably happened is that he’s had a fit. After a fit sometimes they’re a bit groggy and we don’t breathe particularly well.

“You’ve done the right thing in terms of CPR. He’s breathing and he’s going to be alright.”

Dec told Carly: “You’ve done so well. You should be so proud of yourself.

“I know you probably don’t feel like it but you’ve done exactly the right thing.”

The baby was taken to the nearest pediatric hospital where he spent two days in hospital being monitored by the paediatric team. Thankfully, he made a full recovery.

After the incident, Dec spoke to his partner and colleague, Nicole.

He said: “They certainly get the blood pumping don’t they, jobs like that?”

“To have do CPR on your own child – it scares me. It causes me sleepless nights worrying.”

The action-packed episode also took the paramedics to other parts of Lancashire – including Burnley.

Crewmates, Dec & Nicole, are dispatched to the scene of where an eyewitness has watched a driver collide into railings near Burnley.

Once it becomes clear the patient needs to be taken to hospital, the drive gives a chance for Dec and Nicole to reflect on how they first met each other - and how they became much more than just colleagues. 



It is early afternoon when Dec and Nicole are sent to a 12-year-old patient who is struggling with pain in her abdomen and vomiting blood. 

Due to the patients age they are very concerned by the symptoms, however on examination it appears there is much more to the story than at first glance.

With the patient sharing her experience of bullying and Dec being able to offer some much needed support it allows him to reflect on how he overcame adversity in his past.

In the episode he said: When I was at school, I was bullied, I have always been that little bit scared and anxious, we need to stop that, we need to stop bullying altogether on any community, break down the barriers of what is normal because nobody is, we are all different”. 

Dec and Nicole reflect on the unusual path their relationship has taken after first meeting as colleagues on North West Ambulance Service, they fell in love and after enjoyed a single sex marriage together. 

 But recently, Dec has decided to transition from female to male throughout the process their relationship has remained as strong as when they first met. 

Just 12 hours later the crews and control room staff are back for a night shift, as crews book on across the region the entire service is struck by the sad news a student paramedic has taken their own life.



A spokesperson for the BBC said: “In this deeply personal episode we share the extraordinary stories of staff and patients as they overcome adversity and find love and comfort in the most challenging of times.

“These are the real human stories behind the flashing blue lights of North West Ambulance Service.”

You can catch up with the episode of Ambulance on BBC iPlayer.