Lancashire was recently revealed to be one of the top ten spookiest places in the UK due to its number of cemeteries and number of paranormal sightings.

The region’s rich history also means it has plenty of haunted places to visit this Halloween, for those of you who enjoy an extra-fright factor this autumn.

Here are the most haunted places to visit in Lancashire and the history behind them.

Winter Gardens, Morecambe

As Morecambe’s oldest surviving theatre, built in 1897, it comes as no surprise that Winter Gardens is said to be home to several ghosts.

One ghost is said to be that of a seamstress who never achieved her dream of becoming a dancer and so still haunts the dressing rooms. Another is said to push and slap unsuspecting performers and guests!

Winter Gardens is free to visit.

Samlesbury Hall, South Ribble

Preston’s Samlesbury Hall was built in 1325 and is open free of charge for visitors all year round.

It’s said to be one of Britain’s most haunted locations with resident ghosts such as White Lady, Dorothy Southworth who died of a broken heart and has since been seen on many occasions within the Hall and grounds.

You can contact Samlesbury Hall on to arrange your very own haunted tour.

Samlesbury Hall is free to visit.

Pendle Hill

Home to one of the 12 Pendle Whiches, one of the most famous witchcraft trials in history, Pendle Hill is said to be where the accused have roamed since their execution in 1612. They make their presence known to anyone who tries to contact them, so only visit if you dare!

Pendle Hill is free to visit.

Lancaster Castle

Lancashire Castle was used for the witch trials in 1612 and 265 public hangings, making it the perfect place for the dead to roam.

Sightings have included shadowy figures, floating orbs, sudden low temperatures and the sounds of crying.

Tickets can be purchased via the website.


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Hoghton Tower, Preston

Staff at Hoghton Tower have their own special record of ghostly sightings. Ghosts reported include a little girl, a monk and a black dog, but most commonly seen is the Green Lady, who looks like she is chuckling to herself.

Tickets can be purchased via the website.

Rufford Old Hall

Queen Elizabeth I is said to live in Rufford Old Hall and Elizabeth Hesketh, who died when her husband was called to fight and still waits for him to this day.

Tickets can be purchased via the website.