COULD you give a new home to some of these East Lancashire animals.

The Lancashire Telegraph have got in touch with officials at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Ramsbottom to find these cats which could become your future pets.

Here is a lowdown of these wonderful moggies.


He is in need of a very special/understanding home with someone who has lots of experience with cats. He came to Bleakholt due to not settling in the home as the neighbourly cats where causing him to become stressed and had shown aggressive behaviour.

He would prefer a home where there are no children being the only pet and has lots of outdoor space for him to roam. He might even benefit from a farm type environment. Lukey is a long-haired cat so does need brushing often as he is prone to matting, ideally once he has settled in.

He enjoys a nice chin tickle now and again and he enjoys his food and LOVES catnip.

Dopey and Flapjack

They are a pair who were returned to us recently due to the owner being unable to care for them.

Flapjack is a beautiful black boy who loves affection and adventuring.

Dopey the gorgeous ginger female who has lots of love to give but does have wobbly back legs due to a nerve issue.

Flapjack likes to explore the outdoors whereas Dopey is more of a home bird.


Tim is handsome chap and as you can see he is a Bengal cross.

Due to this, he needs a special home with someone who has experience with Bengal cats as they are not an easy breed – he has been returned twice for typical Bengal behaviour.

Like most Bengal cats, he is very vocal and likes chatting with you. He does enjoy going outside on adventures and is very active.

Tim would prefer a nice, easy life where he can sleep on his throne, have his dinner served to him and just do his thing.

He is a fairly shy boy but is affectionate once he knows you. He is very good with children aged seven and older, but no other animals as he wants all the attention for himself. He does need lots of outdoor space as he is very active and can’t live in a built up area.

Bleakholt have a policy that people adopting cats that require access to the outdoors are not within 150 yards of a main road or railway track.

n If you would like to help call Bleakholt on 01706 822577.