New data has found that Lancashire is the spookiest place in the UK.

Just in time for Halloween, new data sourced by Lyme Bay Holidays, has found some of the spookiest destinations in the UK.

The data, based on a variety of terrifying metrics, looked at everything from Google searches of horror films and ghost tours to frequent ghostly encounters and the most haunted houses,to find the spookiest counties across the UK.

The data has been revealed in a map which shows Lancashire is officially the spookiest place in the UK.

With destinations such as Charnock Hall in Preston and Towneley Hall in Burnley, both sporting ghost sightings, it’s no surprise it topped the list.

Securing second place is the City of London and not far behind, Edinburgh comes in third.

Top Ten Most Spooky Destinations

1. Lancashire

2. City of London

3. Edinburgh

4. Merseyside

5. Leicestershire

6. Lincolnshire

7. Greater London

8. Bristol

9. Cheshire

10. Glasgow

The data has revealed that the people searching for the spookiest terms on Google are from the City of London and Glasgow, both of which have made the top ten, however the most known ghosts are from Norfolk, and Edinburgh boasts the most haunted locations.

Top Haunted Locations

1. Edinburgh

2. Buckinghamshire

3. Cheshire

4. Lancashire

5. West Yorkshire

Top Locations to Find Ghosts

1. Greater London

2. Scottish Borders

3. Berkshire

4. Lincolnshire

5. Northumberland

Top Locations for Spooky Google Searches

1. City of London

2. Glasgow

. Bristol

4. Leicestershire

5. Balnau Gwent

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