A project to help recognise local heritage has been launched - with the public being asked to make nominations.

Lancashire residents are being asked to nominate buildings or sites they believe to be of importance to their community, whether it be that it contributes to the area, has historical associations, is a local landmark, or is just important to the local community.

These could include an interesting local building or property, a cherished local memorial, village hall, mill building or simply an interesting historic feature like a village pump or a local park.

The project funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and supported by Historic England that encourages communities to identify local heritage, which they value most, for recognition and inclusion on a Local Heritage List.

Chairman of Growth Lancashire, Tim Webber commented: “This is a really exciting project and we are thrilled to be involved in helping to recognise and record the amazing buildings that Lancashire has to offer. The project is a great opportunity for residents across the County to participate in and I would encourage everyone to do so.”

Buildings or sites nominated through the project will be considered under selection criteria developed from guidance from Historic England.

The year-long project is being co-ordinated by Growth Lancashire on behalf of the Lancashire Authorities.

You can nominate a point of local heritage here.