An East Lancashire community has been tickled by a humorous sign that was left in a Ribble Valley woodland area.

The sign, which is located on private land, was stapled to a tree near a wooded area on Back Lane in Sabden and it highlighted the local littering problem in a light-hearted manner.

The sign reads: "Why are you littering?

  1. I am lazy
  2. I don’t care about this wood
  3. My mum still picks my stuff up
  4. I am a to****"


Since being posted to a community group many people have been laughing at the post.

One person described it as “brilliant” and another stated that the community “need more of these”.

Lancashire Telegraph: The littering sign in Sabden (Photo: Facebook/ Judith Collins)The littering sign in Sabden (Photo: Facebook/ Judith Collins)

Another person said: “The sign is a good idea, perhaps it will make people think before they throw their rubbish down.”

Judith Collins posted the picture to the Facebook group – but insisted that it is no laughing matter.

She said littering can be a “problem” in the area.

Ms Collins added: “This is a problem when teenagers party up there and leave 'dangerous rubbish' behind [such as] broken glass, broken cans and plastic food containers.”

Councillor Richard Newmark, borough councillor for the Sabden ward, said it’s “a shame” people choose to litter in the area as it is a “lovely beauty spot”.

He added that it is another “example of anti-social behaviour”, following the Clitheroe Castle graffiti incident which took place last week, and the reports of dogging on the very same lane.

Councillor Newmark asks people to think before they litter – and also to consider the wildlife that will be impacted by the rubbish left behind.

He said: “Foxes, badgers and other wildlife could eat the rubbish that is left behind."

However, he said putting more bins in the area is something that the council “could consider”.

Mr Newmark explained: “It’s in the wooded area at the top it’s private land so there aren’t many public bins there.

“It’s a long way off the beaten track for Ribble Valley bins to be collected and emptied

“People are asked to take their rubbish home with them but that doesn’t always happen.

“However, we could consider asking Ribble Valley if they could consider putting more general waste bins around there.”

Councillor Newmark added that Ribble Valley council is having a bin review at the moment and considering what to do with the area’s general waste and how to get rid of it.

He explained: “We have got a problem with fly-tipping which has grown massively in all areas and particularly country lanes.

“We have a lot of new houses that have been built and we’re having to consider additional bins and how to service these areas.”

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