This autumn, choose a healthier night’s sleep. Prestige Beds have been delivering a great night’s sleep across Lancashire for over 60 years.

The third generation, family run business prides itself on family values and quality beds from manufacturers that provide the best sleep experience possible.

Finding the perfect bed is vital, beds are our retreat, a place to replenish and relax, its competence can reflect itself in our health and daily performance. But beds can also have an impact on our surroundings.

In a world of throw away culture and cheap manufacturing, Prestige Beds are offering something different, an option to invest in something crafted with care and skill. By choosing a natural bed you take a step towards a better environment, a hygienic and healthy sleep whilst contributing to the progression of sustainability.

When it comes to getting the best quality of sleep, natural handmade beds have a lot to offer. Natural fillings, such as lambswool, cashmere and cotton, are best at wicking away moisture whilst we sleep, breathable elements help regulate our body's temperature allowing for more comfortable and undisturbed sleep. All whilst offering a sumptuous comfort that consistently feels like luxury when slept on.

Prestige Beds stock exciting brands like Harrison Spinks, Somnus and Vispring, who continuously provide quality handmade natural beds and are recognised as award winning bed makers, whilst taking massive steps towards carbon neutral status.

Harrison Spinks beds offer a natural bed unlike any other, their beds start life on their farm where they rear prize sheep, tend fields of hemp and flax crops that provide natural fibre fillings for their luxury beds with no use of pesticides.

With aims to make beds fully recyclable and zero to landfill production you won't find any toxic glues or foam and are FR chemical treatment free. This unique care and effort is not only leading the way in a sustainable future, they are providing quality beds that are continuously recognised as being exceptional.

Prestige Beds also plays their part in the effort to make better sleep achievable in a clean, healthier way for our customers and the environment, offering an old bed recycling service to their customers.

Find your perfect natural bed from Prestige Beds and sleep healthier in a more sustainable world.