A man has been charged with attempted burglary with intent to steal after a number of businesses were broken into in a town centre.

Leon Felton, 38, was arrested on Monday evening by police in Rossendale and on Wednesday he was charged and remanded to appear in court.

The charges relate to business burglaries in Rawtenstall town centre.

A spokesperson for the police said on Tuesday: "Last night, Rossendale officers from team five and team two immediate response have arrested a male on suspicion of burglary, this is following a number of recent business burglaries which have been occurring in the Rawtenstall town centre area.

"The suspect is currently in custody.

"Thank you to the dog patrol for their assistance, and to the members of the public who contacted us to report suspicious activity."

On Wednesday the police confirmed the man had been charged and issued this statement: "Thirty-eight-year-old Leon Felton, has now been charged with attempted burglary other than dwelling, with intent to steal, and has been remanded to court today."