WE continue our trip through East Lancashire to put the spotlight on some of the finest watering holes and pubs in the area.

This time we have ventured into Hyndburn to speak to the owners of ‘The Knuzden Tap’ about their success and enjoying serving the community.

Name of the pub

The Knuzden Tap

Address of the pub:

35b Windsor road Blackburn

Landlord/landlady name:

Clair Brown

How long have you been the landlord/landlady for?

Since opening on July 6, 2019

Bar staff and their names:

Ellis Hammond and Lynne Croft

Give us some history about the pub

It was converted from an old newsagents after the community pub closed down.

Is food served? Is so what’s on the menu?

No food

Is there a beer garden

Front of shop seating.

Do you have any darts/snooker/pool teams

Not yet, we are in progress of sorting something out.

Most popular drink served is:

Pravha, San Miguel and Moretti, basically any kind of drink that has alcohol in it.

Most memorable moment at the pub

Reopening after COVID and seeing old faces reappear.

Do you have an entertainment line-up?

We have got a Psychic night on October 12 and 19.

Have you faced any challenges within the industry:

Being closed down twice put an enormous strain on finances as meant throwing away significant amounts of Beer and Real Ale.

Fortunately for us we managed to give it away to locals who came down with pop bottles etc, just helped cushion the blow knowing it wasn’t wasted and I could give a little bit of something back.

The best thing about running a pub is

By far the customers.

We like to think of the Tap as a little Phoenix rising up from the ashes of the much loved and once renowned Cabin End pub that was closed and sold off for the land. It brings people together and keeps the great spirit of Knuzden alive. Great spirit, great people, great beer! What more can I say!

The worst thing about running a pub is

It has to be having to remember that I’m not actually on a night out myself

The perfect hangover cure is...

Hair of the dog. Kill or cure.