A former X Factor contestant has complained about yesterday’s (4 October) social media outage after it coincided with a song launch which she has waited years to release.

Blackburn-raised, Grace Davies, will be releasing a song called ‘Roots’ on Friday (8 October) and has been using her social media platform to promote it in recent weeks.

However, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook services were down from about 16:00 GMT until around 22:00 on Monday.

In a series of humorous Tweets, 24-year-old Grace Davies implied that the social media disruptions have come at an inopportune time ahead of the ‘Roots’ launch.


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She also added that other life events, such as the pandemic, have unfortunately coincided with EP and song launches.

In a tweet she wrote: “Remember when I released my first single and we had a global pandemic and then my label shut down during my EP launch, then I finally announced that I was releasing a song I’d waited four years to put out and every social media platform died the week of its release?

“Yeah, me neither.”

In another tweet she is pictured with a drink in hand along with the caption: “Cheers to that”.

In another tweet in the thread, she said: “I’m laughing but I’m also internally crying”.

Davies, who was runner up in the 2017 series of The X Factor, first performed ‘Roots’ at her audition.

According to Grace, the original song is about “when she was signing in old men’s pubs.”

She added: “All the locals and friends started to say ‘Grace is going to be singing in these pubs for the rest of her days’… and I started to believe them.

“It was just that thought of ‘this is what I want to do and it makes me so happy’. I want to be able to say ‘actually, I did do it.”

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After performing her “beautiful” song she ‘wowed’ judges and was put through to the next round.

At the time of writing, the audition video has amassed over 5.6 million YouTube views.

Now, she is releasing the song independently and asking people to pre-save it.


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In an Instagram story she said: “Roots is finally coming out. This song has been four years in the making. Sorry it took so long and thank you for being patient – it was not through choice or fault of my own.

“But it is here now and that is the main thing.”

“I’m so excited to be putting this song out independently – but it does mean that I need all the support I can get from you guys.”

You can pre-save ‘Roots’ on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Grace’s official website.