A ‘CARING’ and ‘giving’ woman died after accidentally overdosing on several different drugs, an inquest has heard.

Tazeem Afzal, 34, was found dead by her husband on the morning of May 29 while she was in bed.

In a tribute from her friends and family, her brother Imran Afzal said: “She was caring, giving and had a bubbly personality.

“She has left us all far too early. She will be sorely missed.”

An inquest at Preston Coroners Court heard that Tazeem, who lived on Fecitt Brow, Blackburn, had struggled with pain in her legs as well as anxiety and depression for the past two years.

Her husband Sufyan Dadabhai had been on the phone to his mother in the morning when he heard her alarm going off and when he went in to check on her, she had died.

It was originally believed that she may have died from a cardiac event, however a toxicology report showed that she had several different drugs in her system that led to her death.

A toxicology report showed Tazeem had morphine and dihydrocodeine in her system at ‘fatal’ levels.

She also had diazepam and codeine in her system.

A post mortem examination was conducted by Dr Jacob Joseph, who concluded the cause of death was due to ‘respiratory failure due to the drugs’.

Her GP had prescribed her dihydrocodeine and codeine among other medications to help relieve her of her pain and mental health struggles. However the morphine and diazepam were not prescribed.

Coroner Richard Taylor delivered a ‘misadventure’ conclusion.

He said: “I don’t have the evidence that she gave any indication that she wanted to kill herself.

“When one is in pain, it’s quite common, it’s easy to forget that you have taken something.

“She may have been self-medicating and been used to taking slightly more than her prescribed medication and found assistance with something that she wasn’t prescribed.”