A man who dodged a £16.50 train fare and told a ticket inspector to 'keep your Caucasian friend away as I don't trust him', has been fined more than £250.

Shizad Rahman, 46, of Preston New Road, Blackburn, failed to produce a rail ticket on request while on a journey between Bradford Interchange and Burnley Manchester Road on Tuesday March 23.

Upon departure from Bradford, Preston Magistrates Court heard how the defendant immediately went into the toilet, and after exiting he was unable to produce a ticket, telling the ticket officer that his phone was dead.

The court was told that Rahman began to get agitated and said to the inspecting officer, 'why are you hovering around me is it because I'm an Asian?'.

He then told the officer to, 'keep your Caucasian friend away as I don't trust him'.

His details were obtained and he was advised the facts of the incident would be reported.

Following the incident a letter was sent to the defendant requesting an explanation, but no response was received so a fixed penalty notice letter was sent, however this remains unpaid.

The fare avoided was £16.50 and compensation of this amount was claimed by the court, as well as a £220 fine and £34 victim surcharge.

Rahman was proved to have committed the offence through the single justice procedure at Preston Magistrates Court on September 7, and has until today (Tuesday) to pay a total fine of £270.50, including court costs.

Lancashire Telegraph: