A mother whose daughter was stillborn has won a Pride of Britain award for her fundraising mission launched in her child’s name.

Sarah Bernasconi-Parsons, from Livesey, lost her daughter Maggie in June 2015 after she was born at Burnley General Hospital.

After her death, Sarah knew she needed to do something to keep her daughter’s legacy alive, which is when she launched Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy.

Our readers have reacted to the good news online and on social media. Here are some of the comments.

Julie Davies said: "Fantastic news Sarah, and well deserved for your tireless work with bereaved families"

Heather Dale said: "What an inspiration you are ! You really do deserve this... all your hard work and helping so many well and truly deserved well done Sarah"

Tina Dowdall said: "Well done Sarah, you deserved it"

Chantain Wilcock said: "This is well deserved after everything she has gone through and is going through she still thinks of others your daughter will be very proud of you Sarah and she is definitely so lucky to have parents like you."

Janet Francis said: "I can’t think of a more worthy recipient. You are an inspirational lady. Congratulations, Sarah."

Aly Craig said: "This is so nice. My daughter was stillborn 30/09/2007 at Burnley General. I was in the same ward as other mums giving birth to healthy babies and hearing the cries of new babies was really traumatic on top of an already traumatic event. It's lovely Sarah has thought up ways to help make such an awful experience a little easier for parents."