THE greatest credit to Boris Johnson for a very strong climate speech at the United Nations speaking of the need for humanity to grow up and take responsibility for our planet.

It begs the question what do we need in our modern world? How much is adolescent mass consumption excess on a gargantuan scale? Not what people want to hear but face the hard facts we do not have to have international holidays.

The international global airline industry with 100,000 polluting aircraft in the sky every day is doing huge climate damage.

We do not need – we do not have to have – an international mass polluting cruise industry. We do not have to ship billions of tons of products daily from one side of the planet for mass consumption on the other side. Vast quantities within weeks in rotting landfills. And do we really have to consume world-wide 200 million carcases of cattle a week to survive, in the process destroying countless square miles of forest and woodland.

Covid did start to calm the world down. Climate pollution was falling.

But now we are all up and running again mass consumption, no restraints, full-on climate destruction.

Anything but cutting back mass tourism events impacting on climate, committing to mass planting of trees, getting in a 1,000 megawatt offshore wind-farm, which would make a difference.