A LANCASHIRE County Council highways depot has partially shut while a new supervisor is recruited.

The Futures Park Bacup hub, which is the home to Rossendale gritting lorries, is operated at reduced capacity with 11 staff transferred to Burnley temporarily.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: "Some of our highways functions in Bacup have temporarily relocated to the Burnley depot for the delivery of the highway maintenance service.

"These new arrangements will have no impact on the service they deliver.

"We are aware of the critical importance of continuing to deliver particular highway functions from the Bacup depot.

"The winter gritting service, and emergency callouts will continue to be delivered from Bacup with no change to the current arrangements."

Cllr Alyson Barnes.leader of Rossendale Council, said: "I have been assured by members and officers of the county council that some functions will be picked up via another depot until additional supervisors are recruited.

"I think this is acceptable in the short term but can not be a longer term solution given the challenges of reaching Rossendale in severe winter weather. "

Independent Cllr Jimmy Eaton, who represents Bacup's Greensclough ward on Rossendale Council, said: "This is OK if it is temporary but will it become permanent?

"Will the staff have to got to Burnley to clock on and then come back? The route over the tops is dreadful in winter weather."