A paranormal investigator believes she has captured ghostly pictures of spirits while visiting Clitheroe Castle.

Elaine Kelly, who runs a paranormal group called Spectre Detectors, said she was in the area to visit the Pendle Witch trail last Saturday (25 September) when she took the spectral photos.

Elaine, from County Durham, explained: “We were at Clitheroe Castle and I was just snapping away with my full spectrum cameras and I caught a picture of two figures up at the castle and one walking down the road.”

In the Clitheroe Castle picture, you can see what looks like two figures watching the group from a height.

Lancashire Telegraph: Can you see the figures on Clitheroe Castle? (Photo: Elaine Kelly/The Spectre Detectors)Can you see the figures on Clitheroe Castle? (Photo: Elaine Kelly/The Spectre Detectors)

She said: “I don’t know if they were guards keeping an eye on us or not.”

In the second picture she captured an image of what looks like a man walking down the road – but Elaine insists that there is no other explanation for the spectral appearances as no living human was in the shot

She explained: “I was walking back to the car, ready to head to Malkin Tower.

“I was snapping away on my spectrum camera as we were walking down the road and I captured the image - but there was nobody there.

“We didn’t see the person with our naked eye and it was only on camera.

Lancashire Telegraph: The 'ghost' was spotted walking down the street (Photo: Elaine Kelly/The Spectre Detectors)The 'ghost' was spotted walking down the street (Photo: Elaine Kelly/The Spectre Detectors)

“There’s a shadow on the floor so I don’t know if that was a grate or not – but his legs are see through!"

She added:“I know you always have to be careful when taking pictures so I always make sure never to get people in the shot.

“I certainly wouldn’t have taken photos of somebody walking down the path in front of us – I just wouldn’t have.”

While Elaine and the Spectre Detectors team still have to go through some of their footage from the night, Ms Kelly added that something else unexplained happened to her.

She said: “We were in Malkin Tower (where the Pendle Witches once lived) and  I got scratched down the face. It was all captured in my live stream.

“I definitely felt like I’d been scratched.”

The Spectre Detectors said they will be back in Lancashire next year. Until then, keep up-to-date with their spooky investigations over on their Facebook page. 

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