A MAN stole his dad’s wallet during a physical confrontation at the older man’s home.

Blackburn magistrates heard Andrew Paul Storr had entered uninvited and his dad had admitted to police that he had hit his son with a torch as he tried to get him out of the house.

Storr, 39, of Eve Street, Nelson, was convicted in his absence of theft of a wallet and £40 belonging to Chris Storr. He was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Graham Tindall, prosecuting, said Mr Storr snr said he had had issues with his son about money going missing over a period of time. On the day of the latest incident he attended at his dad’s home and began pestering him for money.

“His dad got so fed up he rang the police and his son left,” said Mr Tindall.

“Later he heard a noise downstairs and found his son had returned,” said Mr Tindall. “He was ushering him from the house when the wallet was taken from his pocket. Mr Storr thought he was going to be hurt and admits he took a torch and hit his son on the head with it.”

He said Mr Storr did not want a restraining order because it might affect him and his wife seeing their grandchildren.

Andrew Marsh, defending, said there had been many instances when Mr Storr snr had been the aggressor.

He said his client had a drug problem which was not being addresses at the moment.