A BOROUGH Mayor has had to cancel engagements because of contracting coronavirus which has hospitalised his wife.

Burnley's First Citizen Cllr Mark Townsend,58, had to self-isolate for two weeks while his 62-year-old wife Kerry was taken into the Royal Blackburn for observation and treatment.

He had to hand over chairing Wednesday's three-hour Burnley Council Full Meeting to his deputy Cllr Cosima Towneley as his two week isolation period did not end until midnight that day.

Cllr Townsend said: "I have just had mild symptoms but Kerry's have been much worse.

"She was taken into the Royal Blackburn Hospital for observation and treatment has been on oxygen.

"Thankfully she is not in danger.

"I had to cancel several engagements and would like to thank my deputy mayor Cllr Towneley for stepping in.

"We had both been double jabbed.

"I would implore people to get their Covid-19 vaccinations.

"From my own experience I can tell them this is not a pleasant infection."