As the country has seen gas prices soar over the last few weeks, there’s been heated discussion about the role of renewables and the problems with their intermittency.

Transitioning to renewable energy sources is absolutely critical if we are to reach net zero. But to combat intermittency, the solution is right in front of us now. Grid-scale batteries allow for more green energy to be transported down existing infrastructure and stored, ensuring grid stability and flexibility.

This will reduce the need to ‘switch off’ renewable power sources when there is surplus energy being produced, not only helping us go green but saving consumers money.

Despite numerous green pledges and rhetoric, the government is still doing little to invest in the solutions we need to support the use of renewable energy sources and ensure a stable energy supply. Indeed fossil fuel generation continues to be subsidised. By limiting this investment, the country remains reliant on burning expensive fossil fuels and is falling further behind on the journey to net zero.

Fundamentally the answer is simple. In order to ensure grid stability, reduce the rise in energy costs and continue to reduce the nations carbon emissions, the government must provide the legislation and regulation to allow the private sector to invest faster into renewables and to accelerate the roll out of battery storage.

James Basden, founder at Zenobe Energy