A grateful mum has expressed heartfelt thanks to two strangers for helping her young son get home when he became stranded on a train station with no money and no battery on his phone.

Michelle Bond, from Huncoat, was beside herself when her son, who is just 11-years-old, did not return home when expected on Wednesday September 22.

Mrs Bond said her son had jumped on the train from Accrington and was due to get off at Huncoat.

However, without realising, the schoolboy had boarded the express train to Burnley, which didn't stop at Huncoat, and ended up stranded at the end of the line.

But thanks to the kindness of two strangers - a lady who stayed with him on the platform, and a man who got on the train with him back to Accrington and paid for his taxi home - he arrived safe and sound.

Mrs Bond is now trying to locate the two people to say thank you for their actions.

Posting on social media last Thursday, she said: "I would like to say a massive thank you to the people who looked after my little boy yesterday when he got stranded at Burnley train station because he got the wrong train and it didn't stop at our stop.

"I was in bits not knowing where he was (his phoned died) and a kind lady stayed with him and then a fab young man got on the train to Accrington with him, gave him some money and got him a taxi home.

"I'm hoping they will see this so I can say a massive thank you."

Unfortunately, neither the kind-hearted man or woman has come forward yet, but Mrs Bond is hoping they will see her post, or this article, so she can get in touch and thank them personally.

She said: "He was supposed to get off at Huncoat but he managed to get the express train that didn't stop so he ended up in Burnley.

"His phone had died so he was heartbroken and a bit scared, and the people saw him crying and offered to help.

"He was a bit shaken but not too bad once home. I was thinking allsorts at one point, and am very glad those people were there and helped him."

If anyone knows who the kind passengers were, or if the strangers see this article themselves, they can contact amy.farnworth@newsquest.co.uk, who will put them in touch with Mrs Bond.