It was a conundrum!... the world was producing so much waste carbon dioxide that it was destroying the planet yet there was still a drastic shortage of it.

We needed 100,000 extra HGV drivers otherwise there would be food shortages in the shops and no petrol on the forecourts... food prices and inflation were skyrocketing... Christmas could be cancelled!

Gas prices had almost trebled leaving great swathes of the population in the dilemma of having to decide whether to ‘heat’ or ‘eat’. The NHS was in danger of being overwhelmed and the world was struck by a pandemic.

The monarchy was in chaos, the high streets and big-name shops were disappearing. Drugs were ruining millions of lives every year.Tens of thousands were living in houses in Britain that were not fit for rats. Mental health and obesity (especially child) were rising exponentially.

Crime was on the increase, especially knife crime, and we had not scratched the surface of the problems of racism and gender inequality. Some workers over 23 years old, possible with children and mortgages,were being paid £8.91 per hour.

I woke up shaking in a cold sweat and then thankfully realised I’d been having a nightmare!

I’d been dreaming that I was living in the depressing world of Mad Max.Thank goodness I had come back to reality.

Colin Morrison