The EG Group has announced that it has acquired 52 KFC restaurants in the UK.

The network, across the south and south-west regions, comprises more than 1,600 staff and a mix of drive thru and traditional restaurant formats.

The latest acquisition from the Amsric Group Post-will see the company operate over 220 KFC restaurants in Europe and the UK.

It also takes the EG Group's portfolio of food service establishments to more than 1,700 foodservice.

Here is some reaction from our readers to the news:

q.v. ranger said: "EG Group owns about 220 KFC, some Pizza Huts, Cinnabon, Leon Foods and Sbarro Pizza.

"There are reports that the Issa brothers are selling off EG Group for £10.5 billion pounds and wants to keep Asda stores with its petrol forecourts.

"I hope they buy my beloved Blackburn Rovers football club and help in development of Thwaites site earmarked for retail and leisure industries."

Starskimiester said: "Investing in Rovers!! We have probably the best owners in the Championship who are maxed out under FFP what they are allowed to invest. The only way a billionaire owner is free to invest in the club is if we are in the Premier League. The only way to get there is if people buy tickets for games."

q.v. ranger said: "To get to Premier League these Indian billionaire Venky's (need) to invest in quality players and what have they done with the 15 million pounds they got from selling Adam Armstrong .
"Blackburn fans are not stupid.
"Late Jack Walker was giving blank cheque book to Rover's boardroom and today the Rover's manager was told to sell his best players ."