TURN back the clock 100 years and in Blackburn and other towns in East Lancashire you could stumble, quite literally in some cases, out of one pub and into another.

For years it seemed like there was one on every corner and they were at the heart of the community.

New patterns of family life, the smoking ban and cheap supermarket alcohol just some of the things which have taken their toll on the queue at the bar.

So we have looked through the archives to dig out old pictures of pubs from around the area and hopefully they should stir some happy memories for our readers.

One of the buildings which is still standing is the Ye Olde White Bull pub in Salford.

These pictures were taken back in 1960 and it was latterly known as the Pitchers bar when it closed back in the 2000s. Now it is Frankie’s burger place.

There are also photographs of the Griffin pub which has been knocked down and the Grapes Hotel which earlier this year was to be sold by Thwaites.